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Management System Plan

Our Management System has thrust to Fostering Excellence in all Directions......

In order to continually improve sound management systems that contribute to improved quality of our Project, Products, heightened safety, environment standards and enhanced customer delight, ITIHADI INFRA... is committed to establish an Integrated Management System. The IMS adheres to the stringent standards set out by ISO and OHSAS.

ITIHADI INFRA... is constantly revising the system manual of Management. This is part of its continual organic improvement initiative, and helps to define the management processes clearly, bringing the roles and responsibilities of the functions in these processes to the forefront.

ITIHADI INFRA... also has engineers deployed at various functional levels, in order to ensure that the processes and systems operate optimally. A number of them are also outfitted as internal auditors and conduct regular internal IMS audits. These audits are conducted every quarter, based on a detailed schedule and are critical to the effective functioning of the systems.

It is our thrust to develop in such a way that all the bids that are submitted by ITIHADI INFRA... to its customers are supported by Quality Management System (QMS), Environmental Management System (EMS) & Occupational Health & Safety Management System (OH & SMS).

Upon receiving a Letter of Intent, an exclusive Quality Management Plan and HSE Management Plan is being develop by a group of experts. These keep the project boundaries and activities in focus. Once developed, they are submitted to the client and form the pillars of quality, safety and environmental management during every stage of the execution of the project.

Finally, based on these plans, a detailed Segment Quality Plan and comprehensive Segment HSE Plan are prepared.

ITIHADI INFRA... aims to develop for all of the existing as well as upcoming projects

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